What other professionals say about Dyne Benner:

“Dyne Benner is an artistic, talented, experienced food stylist. I’ve had the good fortune to partner with on several complex projects for Kraft Foods and Nestle. She is detail oriented, prepared, thoughtful and a wonderful, down to earth human being. While on set she is patient, accommodating and incredibly resourceful. She has been able to source ingredients that are hard to find or out of season, like no one else! Dyne always goes above and beyond to deliver excellent work from beverages, baby food, cookies, dinners, desserts…..I would highly recommend her.”  10/2018

Kerry Quigley, Associate Director, Visual Identity & Branding. Nestle Nutrition


“Working with Dyne is always efficient, effective, and delightful.”  10/2017

Aaron Rezny, photographer, New York

“Whenever a new food assignment comes in,  the first call I make is to Dyne Benner.   There are dozens of food stylists in New York,  but Dyne is the one who really “gets it”.  She has an uncanny ability to create a plate or whatever with a real sense of design and an inherent understanding of what the food should look like.  She’s fast,  cooperative, clients love her,  and she knows how to take suggestions and turn them into visual treats.  Call Dyne.”  07/ 2013

Dick Frank. photographer, New York

“I’ve had the good fortune to work with Dyne on our packaging photos for the last 16 years.  No matter what,  I know I can count on Dyne to get the results we need.”

Alan Mitzner,  pres.,  Marie Callender Pies

“I.  When I work with Dyne,  I know I don’t  have to worry about anything on her end of the job.   She always does her homework and comes prepared mentally and physically.”

“II.  To call Dyne a “Food Stylist” is an understatement.  She is an artist first, with an eye that puts her above everyone else.”

“III.  I always work around Dyne’s schedule on a photo shoot. She is important; she is that good.”

Craig Cutler, photographer, New York

“Dyne is a consummate professional who not only knows food and how it photographs best,  but she knows what the camera sees,  like a good actor….”

Ulf  Skogsberg,  photographer, New York

“Dyne is talented.  She’s an artist.  She’s professional.  She’s amazing. She knows how and when to ask all the right questions.  Dyne must be short for Dynamo.”

Mark Laita, photographer,  Los Angeles and New York